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It was a Sunday afternoon when, having become frustrated by having to repeatedly search through several Pāli grammar books, I thought,

'Wouldn't it be good if Pāli word endings could be searched online'...

I thought to myself,

'It would be just a matter of reversing a few tables'...

How little did I know just what work lay ahead of me! Well, that's how Pali Wiki was born - all history now.

The aim of Pali Wiki is to provide a simple look up facility to identify all the inflectional word endings used in the Pāli Sutta Piṭaka. That is, the set of patterns according to which words in the Pāli language are declined, conjugated or have their endings altered to show grammatical content.

This is an on-going project and the lexicon is not yet complete (and may never be), but hopefully still useful. The information on this site should be seen as a guide only. It is best used as an aid, as to where further details can be found in the existing Pāli grammar guide books - metta.

An explanation of how to best use the site is on the Main Page as are instructions for requesting edits and additions.